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Iron Woman Cards

Wishing there was a real way to say what you think?…. There IS!


In all seriousness, though, it is possible to avoid mainstream cards and find something more realistic, heartfelt, and honest.

I remember seeing a birthday card with two cartoon middle-aged women on front, with a caption saying:

“Even at our age, men still look at our boobs.”
and inside: “They just have to kneel to do it!”

My initial thought was, oh, clever… then I was so angry.

Why the hell should I have to think MY boobs are for MEN (or anyone else for that matter) to look at.
Why can’t they just be for me?

  • This is where I stop perusing the grocery store aisles of “funny” cards and look for more realistic and honest cards to send my loved ones.

Card Front (oh, and that's me!)

Inside of Card

Where can you find these awesome, feminist cards at?

  • Visit their website Iron Woman Cards or their Facebook page and browse through the various cards with clever messages for all occasions, and amazing unique art!

all from the comfort of your own chair!

Hope you find a beautiful card that says just the right thing… whether it be about celebrating in feminist style, supporting someone in their break-up, saying you’re sorry that you’re right in the argument, or just that you want to have sex that afternoon.

Happy shopping!

Card Front

Card Inside

About aoawaywego

I’m struggling to discover reality in a society that hides behind a curtain of falsified perfection. Without believing in impossibilities, my thoughts are written out to find beauty in the imperfections and intricacies.


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