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Body Politics, Never Apologize For Your Body

Making a RUHCUS

I wrote previously on how I wanted to begin making a RUHCUS for myself, otherwise known as a Radical Unapologetic Healing Challenge for US, designed by Sonya Renee and The Body is Not an Apology.

In doing this, I’ve become extremely vocal about my plan to be not only personally body-positive, but turning that lens outwards towards other individuals. I’ve received interesting reactions. Some, congratulatory, empowering, inspired, awed; some, disinterested, unsupportive, discouraging, and disbelieving.

Which surprises me. I mean, I’m not really sure why I’m shocked: if my queerness is supposedly contagious, so is working on my high self-esteem, obviously.

But, I digress.

As I am the type of person who prefers to verbally process a plan before it is put into action, I had a really random political conversation with an engaging woman that inspired me to expand my RUHCUS. Seated near each other on a couple-hour flight from Boston to Chicago, she and I discussed much, but what stuck out were body politics and staying positive in light of so much surrounding negativity. Where I had experienced some opposition in my idea to be more body positive, she was very interested in the idea. She even shared how she didn’t feel the need to shave her armpits. This fascinated me.

So, I decided to add to my RUHCUS and discontinue plucking my eyebrows. I also thought I shouldn’t feel obligated to shave my legs or armpits every single day.

I was asked, “But how is not plucking your eyebrows different than not shaving your legs or your arm pits? Why one and not the other?”

Let me tell you!

The difference is CHOICE.

I actually enjoy the process of shaving my legs and other parts. I enjoy the outcome. It’s a nice routine… usually. Do I wake up early on those mornings that I have to wake early for one or two of my jobs to do so? I used to. Now, it’s liberating knowing that I don’t have to, solely on my own personal decision of what is prioritized, when, and what is not.

I don’t, however, enjoy the painful process of plucking my eyebrows. I also have no idea on earth what my natural eyebrows look like! I’ve kept a maintained shape for over 7 years.

That’s a weird thought.

A ruckus is defined by a dictionary as a disturbance or commotion.
I want there to be a commotion as I work on my RUHCUS.
I want my plan to increase my self-esteem and how I perceive others to make some waves.
I want to incite thought about being body-positive and invite change. 

I relate all this in spirit of verbalizing my RUHCUS process that is going quite well and leaving me feeling extremely beautiful and empowered. Furthermore, I’ve noticed a love of strangers and a new realization of how many beautiful and attractive people are out and about. Wow!

I’m feeling good about myself; are you?

About aoawaywego

I’m struggling to discover reality in a society that hides behind a curtain of falsified perfection. Without believing in impossibilities, my thoughts are written out to find beauty in the imperfections and intricacies.


One thought on “Making a RUHCUS

  1. Thats what Im talking about. Im cheering you one hundred percent.

    Posted by Confidence Omenai | August 6, 2011, 1:33 AM

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